Belly Dance Through the Bullsh*t: Anger Edition 

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In this self-paced online movement program...

The goal isn't to temper your emotions for other people's comfort..



The goal is to acknowledge the anger, make space for it and channel it as a source of creativity

Let's Dance Through the Bullsh*t Together

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In-Depth Tutorials

Strengthen your body with powerful new moves that I teach from six positions: lying down, kneeling, crawling, sitting, leaning & standing

Community Support

Join now and add on Nurjahan's belly dance community for just $7/month! Dance live with Nurjahan, share videos, reach out for support, and we'll shimmy through our anger together

Dance Sessions with Me

Each week I'll be taking you to some of my favorite spots to dance in the neighborhood, and we'll shake it all out together—without holding back!

You deserve to let off some steam

Maybe you've...


  • Been holding back your frustration for fear of being seen as "aggressive"
  • Felt silenced in certain spaces without a healthy outlet to express yourself
  • Had to internalize your anger to avoid hurting the people you love
  • Felt isolated and stagnant, especially when you're struggling the most

Trust me, I know the feeling—and belly dance has been our medicine for generations

I'm ready to sweat it all out!

In just 4 weeks

You can use belly dance to harness your anger and use it as a source of empowerment

  • Release rage from your body with new lessons every week, clearing your head, sweating it out and making space for joy


  • Master crisp, powerful movements to express yourself without having to hide or shrink in the presence of others


  • Incorporate healing movement into your everyday life, getting a rigorous workout, and transforming your anger into confidence
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All of the community. None of the trolls.

Looking for connection and accountability? Once you register for the program, you'll receive an exclusive invitation to join our belly dance community for just $7 per month.  


We'll dance together LIVE, share wins, support each other, set goals, post videos, and you'll unlock access a full library of all of our past hour-long live classes!


How the program works:

Week 1

Acknowledge the Anger:

Speak your truth out loud and add *punch* to your movements clicking your hips in a circle

Week 2

Take Up Space:

Move with the anger and explore new beats with smooth chest circles and powerful chest clicks

Week 3

Embrace Your Power:

Allow yourself to be fully self-expressed with smooth and *popping* figure 8s

Week 4

Make a Meaningful Impact:

Use your to anger hone your art and your message, and *pop* that figure 8 upward

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Praise for my Introductory program: Belly Dance Basics

Haven't tried Belly Dance Basics yet? It's not a prerequisite, but it'll give you a solid foundation for our style of belly dance. You can learn more here.

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Our Story

My mom taught me belly dance as a source of empowerment and healing that's been passed down by women in East Africa for generations. 


I started teaching belly dance to people of all ages and backgrounds when I was in college, and I dreamed of sharing it with the world—until a bullet stopped me in my tracks. I was shot in the leg with an assault rifle in a random attack at age 21.


My recovery was grueling, my anger was overwhelming, and even though I thought my dancing days were over, it was belly dance — with significant accommodations — that helped me get back on my feet again.
I had been terrified to let myself feel the full extent of my anger because I worried that it would turn me into my shooter. But holding it down was only making it worse, and I realized how dangerous anger could be without finding a safe way to express it. It was belly dance that gave me the outlet and the confidence to face the rage that I had tried for so long to push down.


Now I share belly dance as both a skillful, sensual dance, and as a way to rebuild passion, strength, resilience, and community—no matter what you've survived.
I'm Ready to Belly Dance Through It All

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